Our Services

Patient-doctor interaction

We think the way of communication between patiënt and doctors is changing. Patients should be able to take their health in their own hands. This is our focus.

Personal Service

Providing a better ways to improve your health, with professional health care delivery in to your palm.

Free consultation

So if you are looking for mobile health care solutions, please contact us. Prototyping your concept with high quality standards!


Interactive care

Connect with your doctor from your chair! No more time in waiting rooms, knowing your health status whenever you want it and all supervised by the best professionals in the world! This is what we aim for with our Idoicare platform. Do you care? Icare!


Well known in the western medical world, telehealth is conquering the world now. For medical foundations in the developing world, we are making systems to extend the healthcare to rural areas. Are you in a foundation, please contact us for options that suit your needs.